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Club Members' Show

Caeathro Gardening Club Annual Show
at Canolfan y Capel, Caeathro, near Caernarfon
on Tuesday 14th of September 2020
if we are allowed to hold it
1 entry, includes refreshments

Staging 3pm-4pm.
Viewing from 6.30pm.
The presentation of awards for all categories & the "Most points in Show" prize
will be followed by tea, coffee and a selection of home-made Gateaux.


Show Schedule  for September 2019

Points will be awarded to the winners in each category.
First - 3 points; Second - 2 points; Third - 1 points;
the overall Most Points In Show winner will be the one with the most points from all classes, with a prize for second place.

Open to all members of Caeathro Gardening Club and their families.

Entries will be accepted for staging between 3pm and 4pm.

Only one entry per person, in each category.

      1.  4 potatoes
      2.  4 tomatoes
      3.  4 cherry tomatoes
      4.  runner beans
      5.  3 courgettes
      6.  3 carrots (with foliage)
      7.  4 onions
      8.  3 beetroot
      9.  a basket of mixed vegetables
    10.  a small bowl of mixed salad leaves
    11.  a jug of mixed herbs
    12.  1 cucumber
    13. any other veg

When displaying more than one vegetable you should try to get them the same size and shape and arrange them on a plate. Stalks should be attached to tomatoes, peas and beans. Carrot roots should be unbroken.

    14.  a jar of jam
    15.  a jar of jelly
    16.  a jar of chutney
    17.  4 eggs
    18.  a quiche (including produce from your garden)
    19.  a cake, using a vegetable or fresh fruit

    20.  3 roses
    21.  3 dahlias
    22.  3 Hydrangea heads
    23.  6 spikes of sweet peas
    24.  a selection of mixed flowers in a vase
    25.  a potted flowering plant 
    26.  a potted foliage plant

All cut flowers show be arranged in a vase.

    27.  a small plate of mixed berries
    28.  3 dessert apples
    29.  3 cooking apples
    30.  3 pears
    31.  a small basket of mixed fruit from your garden
    32.  3 sticks of rhubarb

The apples and pears should be displayed on a plate. The rhubarb can be placed on the table. 


Please note the wording in the schedule, e.g. small, bowl, vase, basket, etc



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